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Here you will find gourmet soup mixes that you only need water to prepare a meal for your family or guests in as little as 20 minutes! No shopping or chopping needed. We have created these mixes to be easy and delicious so that you can cook an easy to  prepare meal without the fuss and be able to spend time with your family and guests instead of in the kitchen cooking all day!

We have an entire line of dip mixes for easy, gourmet creations to use for veggies, sandwiches, chips and pretzels. You can also create an endless variety of platters, cheese balls, savory herb or zesty butters to use on meats, pastas, rice and potatoes!

If you love pancakes and waffles, we have the best buttermilk pancake and waffle mixes!! Filled with freeze dried fruits with fresh picked flavor. Your family will think you spent a lot of time making these pancakes but it will only take you minutes and all you need to get ready is water and a little cooking spray! They are wonderful with maple or flavored syrups! Sprinkle with powdered sugar or a dollop of whipping cream and fresh berries to give your pancakes a gourmet touch!

We are exited to share our Cheesy Macaroni Mixes! We have created a rich, creamy, cheesy combination using premium cheese powders with flavorful spices and herbs. We have Original, Cool Ranch, Parmesan Garlic and our zesty Buffalo Ranch!

Watch our recipe page to find new ways to use our products in more ways than you thought imaginable! I love to be creative with food so as I try recipes and love them, I will share with all of you!Wink

Explore our pages to see where we wholesale our products, events we are attending, recipes and of course our product lines so you can order and create an easy, gourmet meal for your family and skip the drive-thru or the hassle of having to get dinner on the table and have no ideas! You will always be prepared when you have Soup and Dipity products in your pantry!



















HOMEMADE WITHOUT                      THE FUSS!


Just add water to make delicious pancakes!!

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