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      When the economy started to fail in 2009, I wanted to do something to earn money to supplement our income and add money back into our retirement investments that had lost money.  Getting a second job outside of the home wasn't an option for my family. I have always worked in the retail and food industries.*My husband and I have 40+ years of experience combined! I love to cook and bake. I had lots of ideas of what to try, baked goods, canned goods, my homemade salsa, crafts that I could create. I knew I wanted to do something that would make the cooking experience a little easier.

     Soup was the winner! I went to the bulk food shops and grocery stores in my area and started gathering dry ingredients that would create dry versions of my homemade soup recipes. After lots of trial and error, I had some really good dry mixes that only needed water to make delicious homemade without the fuss soup!!! Now for a name... My husband and I were tossing names around for a while, but we knew we had to decide soon because we had to get a license and build a certified kitchen in our basement so I could package the mixes at home. I wanted to name the business Serendipity Soups, but there were so many names of companies that used Serendipity already. So.... I added dips and called it Soup and Dipity!  Its always nice when I hear a customer say the name out loud and then say.."Cute, I get it!"

  I signed up and got accepted to a local farmer's market and a few craft fairs. I made samples and gave them out at the events so that the customers could taste my delicious, just add water soups! Our products were a hit! We were so happy!

 I started with 6 flavors of soup mixes : Nana's Chicken Noodle, Mushroom and Wild Rice, Beef Vegetable, Stuffed Green Pepper, Loaded Baked Potato and Split Pea. 

The dip mixes I started with were: Buttermilk Ranch, Dill-n-Onion, Frenchies Onion, Bacon & Cheddar, Pizza Parlor, BLT, Zesty Italian and Basil Pesto.

   In 2012, my husband quit his management job of 22 year so that he could devote his time and use his knowledge from all of his years of job experience to take our business to the next level. He has advanced the speed and process we use to package our products so we can produce more. We have started to sell to wholesale accounts and created a 50/50 fundraising program for our soup and dip lines that has been a hit with the groups that have used it! We have created 2 more lines that we are proud of as well; Pancake Mixes and Cheesy Macaroni Mixes. 

   We hope you try our products and love them! We are very blessed and thankful for all of our customers!

    Michelle & Tim Wucki  Owners of Soup and Dipity LLC


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